North Las Vegas Inmate Search

About the North Las Vegas Detention Center

Arrestees that are apprehended in the City of North Las Vegas are now booked and processed through the Las Vegas Detention Center due to the closing of the North Las Vegas facility in mid-2012. Inmates that would be serving time in the North Las Vegas Detention Center are now jailed at the City Jail in Las Vegas. All prisoner information for detainees from NLV, can be found in the City Jail’s user-friendly inmate search tool.

Using the North Las Vegas Inmate Search Tool

There are several options available using the tool when looking for North Las Vegas inmate information. One can search by using the last name of the inmate, or if on-line accessibility isn’t available, a friendly inmate information operator is capable of providing assistance to provide updated information requests as well.

Searching by Inmate Last Name

North Las Vegas Detention Center inmates currently housed in the Las Vegas City Jail can be found using the inmate search tool, entering the last name of the individual. The search tool provides as specific or as general of return results as the user wishes to obtain. The system will return a very broad set of results by entering as few as two letters of the inmate’s last name, and exact matches if the complete last name, with correct spelling is entered for the desired inmate. Searching for North Las Vegas prisoner’s pertinent data is available after processing and booking are completed. The process can take as long as four hours, and search tool data for prisoners of the jail will be updated each day and as information for the prisoner in custody changes.

Searching for Inmates over the Phone

Internet access isn’t always readily available for use. When this is the case, eBAIL provides a friendly assistance hot-line where users can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. North Las Vegas inmate information is available to using a touch-tone telephone and by calling 702-608-2245. The information provided by the customer service agent is the same as what can be accessed using the on-line system tool.

North Las Vegas inmate information is for public use and to provide logistical assistance to area law enforcement. Prisoner information will not be available on either the on-line search tool or by using the telephone assistance system until the inmate has completed the in-booking process. This can take as long as four hours to complete, and once the prisoner has finished, their information is available shortly thereafter. Information cannot be sent or requested using e-mail. The on-line system tool and the telephone assistance line are the only means in which one can obtain prisoner information. Information that can be accessed using either means includes: charges filed against the prisoner, bond or bail hearings, next scheduled court appearances, and bond or bail amounts set.

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