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About the Clark County Detention Center

eBAIL provides one of the most useful tools for finding out the latest information about inmates located within the Clark County Detention Center system. Collecting all of the pertinent information and putting it together in one easy to navigate area, the inmate search tool is invaluable when time is of the essence.

Search by Inmates Last Name

The easiest way to locate an inmate through Clark County, is by searching using the last name of the inmate. By typing in at least the first two letters of the prisoner’s last name, information can be acquired. The most accurate way to ensure that the prisoner someone is looking for is the correct inmate, type in as many letters of the last name as possible, up to and including the full last name.

Search by Inmate ID Number

If the last name or spelling of the last name of the inmate is unknown or unavailable, another option for finding out information is to use the inmate’s id number. As with the last name search option, Clark County prisoner information can be found by using as many of the id numbers as are available. The more numbers placed into the search window, the more accurate a search result will be returned.

Search by Inmate Case Number

As with the last name and id number searches, users can find Clark County prisoner information by entering the case number assigned to the prisoner. Complete case numbers again, will return the most accurate information available, as each prisoner is assigned one or more case numbers while being held in the Clark County Detention Center. CCDC Inmate Search

Search for Clark County detainees by Phone

Clark County inmate information is available by telephone if Internet access is unavailable. The telephone number for the detention center is 702-671-3900 and contains the same up to date information as the on-line options. Customer service representatives can help locate information if it cannot be found using the on-line system.

Note that any and all information posted on the web site and through the telephone system is for criminal agency and public use only. Information that can be gathered using either the on-line or telephonic systems include: bail information, scheduled court dates, and pending and/or formal charges against the prisoner. Information will only be available for current prisoners of the CCDC system, and any prisoner under the age of 18 will not be displayed or be available over the phone. Clark County Detention Center will update the site and information line once an arrestee completes the processing and booking actions, which can take up to four hours to complete. In addition to the previously stated guidelines, the Clark County Detention Center will not make information available for prisoners that are in protective custody. E-mail requests for information is not available.

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