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About the City of Las Vegas Detention Center

Bordering U.S. Route 95, the Las Vegas Detention Center is the second largest prison facility in the City of Las Vegas. Arrestees who are charged exclusively with misdemeanor crimes are booked into the Las Vegas Detention Center, or it’s commonly referenced name, the City Jail. eBAIL provides a useful Las Vegas Inmate Search tool to assist the public and Las Vegas regional law enforcement agencies in obtaining useful information for all inmates being held in the Las Vegas City Jail. There are three on-line options one can use to track inmate information, which include searching by the prisoner’s last name, their first name, or by their id number.

Search for a Las Vegas Jail Inmate by Last Name

For the most accurate inmate information utilizing the search tool, the user must enter the first two letters of the last name of the prisoner. At a minimum, the return results will show every prisoner in the system whose last name begins with these first two letters. To obtain a more specified return, enter as many letters of the prisoner’s last name that are available. If the proper spelling of the last name is unknown, there are additional options to assist in searching for the updated information of prisoners.

Search for an Inmate by First Name

Somewhat more difficult to ascertain the best search results, a system user can enter the first name of an inmate, and the return result will produce the names of every prisoner in the Las Vegas Detention Center who has that legal first name. Aliases and nicknames will return no results. Entering as few as the first two letters will return results, and by expanding to as many letters as are available, will return a more specific return result.

Search for a detainee with an Inmate ID

The third option using the on-line prisoner search tool for the Las Vegas Detention Center, is by searching the system with the inmate id number. Entering as many of the numbers associated with the specific prisoner, will return all information made available to the public through the facility. If a user is unsure or does not have access to the complete id number, entering the first few numbers will return a broader result, and one can look through each of the results until the desired prisoner’s information is found.

The information provided for prisoner’s of the Las Vegas Detention Center is to help provide assistance to the public as well as other Las Vegas regional law enforcement agencies, and is limited in scoped and accuracy. Information regarding Las Vegas prisoners is not available on the web site until prisoners have completed the booking process into the facility. Upon entering the system, information including bail and/or bond amounts, pending court appearances, and charges against the prisoner are displayed.

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