Clark County Inmate Policies

The Clark County Detention Center located in Las Vegas is the largest in Clark County. The jail takes in arrestees throughout the area. Clark County Detention Center abides by policies for prisoner access and communications, which are available to search using the ebail search tool.

CCDC Inmate Funds

Anyone wishing to place money to prisoner’s accounts are the remitter, and there are several options. Someone wanting to add money to an inmate’s fund using the on-line system, can use a debit or credit card. By phone, call 1-888-497-2387. It is the responsibility of the remitter to ensure the information for adding funds is both complete and correct, as the remitter is solely responsible for all funds deposited, and cannot hold the Clark County Detention Center responsible for any funds deposited incorrectly.

Another option for adding funds to a prisoner’s account through the Clark County Detention Center, is depositing cash, and appearing at the payment window, whose hours are 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and again from 9:15 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Change cannot be made at the window, nor does the window accept check or money orders. The window will close at the given times promptly. Once a deposit is made, receipts are given to both the customer and the inmate, and funds post immediately. CCDC policies stipulate that a form must be completed with pertinent prisoner information.

CCDC policies allow funds to be mailed to the prisoner at Clark County Detention Center, in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a street address of 330 South Casino Boulevard. The zip code is 89101 and must include all vital prisoner information. Checks are not accepted for deposits, and money order’s accepted should be made out to the account specifically for inmates. Funds will become available within one business day. CCDC policies allow for Western Union Quick Collect using code city: Jail, Nevada, and including the full name and id number of the prisoner.

Clark County Inmate Mail

Clark County Detention Center policies dictate that all periodicals (excluding pornography) will be accepted only from the vendor. Photos are limited to 6″x 8″ in and 15 in amount. No article will be accepted that could pose a security or health hazard as per policies.

Inmate Telephone at the CCDC

Prisoners cannot accept phone calls within the facility. All calls from a prisoner outside of the facility are collect only. Prisoners needing to be contacted in case of emergency, telephone CCDC at 702-671-5700. Hearing-impaired and Spanish options are available.

Clark County Inmate Search

Prisoner’s information can be found on-line, entering the first two letters of the last name, justice id number, prisoner’s id number. Information cannot be e-mailed. Bail amounts, charges, and court dates can be accessed as per CCDC policies. Telephone searches are available by calling 702-671-9100.

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