Henderson Inmate Search

About the Henderson Detention Center

Located at 18 Basic Road in Henderson, Nevada between South Texas Avenue and Water Street, and next to the Municipal Court building, the Henderson Detention Center holds inmates who are arrested in the Henderson area, as well as providing facility support for other government agencies when needed. The jail is the smallest in the Las Vegas/Henderson region, with a capacity of right at 500 prisoners. eBAIL provides an inmate search tool for the public to find current information on prisoners being held in the Henderson Detention Center, and it is quite simple to use.

Using the Henderson Inmate Search Tool

Prior to any information about an inmate becomes available, they must first be processed and booked into the Henderson Detention Center. Fingerprinting, mug shots, medical exams, etc. can take upwards of four hours to complete. Once arrestees’ in-processing is finished, updated information becomes available on the inmate search tool both on-line and by telephone. There are two different ways to find up to date information on a current inmate of the Henderson Detention Center. The first option is to search by the inmate’s last name, while the second option is by using the assistance line via telephone provided by the friendly staff at eBAIL.

Searching by Inmates Last Name

The best way to locate an inmate, and to find out the most updated information regarding that individual, is to search by the inmate’s last name. Entering the first couple of letters of the prisoner’s last name will return a generalized search result. For more specific information regarding a prisoner, type in the complete last name of the individual being sought. The more information provided in this search window, the better the search result return will be. Note that only current prisoners being held in the Henderson Detention Center will appear in the database and only after the completion of the booking process is completed.

Henderson Inmate Search by Phone

The second option if using the telephone is more convenient, is to call the eBAILS information line. The telephone number for assistance is 702-608-2245 and is available with live operators 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. The telephone option is the most convenient and quickest way to obtain the most up to date information about a Henderson Detention Center prisoner.

Henderson Detention Center inmate information that can be obtained includes bail amounts if bond has been established, charges pending or charges filed against the prisoner, scheduled court dates, the initial date that the prisoner was processed into the facility, and scheduled release date if one is available. The information provided is for law enforcement and public use only, and cannot be used against the prisoner for any reason. Violation of this notice is punishable by civil penalties, fines, criminal prosecution, or any combination thereof.

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