Clark County Inmate Search


Clark County Inmate Search
Clark County Inmate Search

For felony crimes within the Las Vegas, those taken into custody are transported to the Clark County Detention Center at 330 South Casino Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101. Upon arrival, the arrestee will be booked and processed into the facility, given a brief medical examination, and have recorded of any needs or requirements of the inmate.

Clark County Detention Center Location

One of four facilities in the Las Vegas area, the Clark County Detention Center has the greatest inmate capacity. Located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas, it acts as the holding area for felonious arrestees. The facility is located just a short distance from Las Vegas City Hall, between South 1st Street, Bridger Avenue and Lewis Avenue. Information about inmates can be obtained using an on-line Clark County inmate search tool or by calling a 24 hour, 7 day a week line. Buses to the Clark County Detention Center are routed through South 3rd Street and Lewis Avenue.

CCDC Inmate Information and Policies

The Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas has policies and procedures for information regarding incarcerated prisoners. Policies covered include: depositing funds onto inmate’s accounts, how to send acceptable sending mail, telephone access, inmate visitation schedules, informational updates on the inmate’s status, release dates, times, and locations, and bail or bond amounts.

Clark County Inmate Search Tools

There are two very simple ways to go about obtaining information on a prisoner that is being held in the Clark County Detention Center. eBAIL provides a Clark County inmate search tool that can be accessed on-line, 24 hours a day. Another option is calling eBAIL’s customer service line at 702-608-2245. When using the on-line search tool for information regarding prisoners at the facility, little information is required. The database is designed for broad and specific search results.

If someone knows the last name of a prisoner, but isn’t sure of the spelling, the database can provide results with as few as two letters of the last name. The more letters of the last name entered, the more specific the information on prisoners search result will be. One can also search by first name, or by Clark County Inmate id number. Information obtained using either the on-line system or the telephone help line system, includes bail amounts, court dates, charges, and scheduled releases.

Transfer Release Exit: Clark County Detention Center
Transfer Release Exit: Clark County Detention Center

eBAIL-Las Vegas Bail Bondsman

eBAIL, the foremost professional bail bondsman in Las Vegas, provides all of the necessary information for prisoners being held in the Clark County Detention Center. Bail is available within minutes of calling, coming in person, or using their on-line bail system. As the only accredited bail bondsman with the Better Business Bureau, eBAIL’s friendly and professional staff can easily handle all bail issues, and they are conveniently located close to the Clark County Detention Center.

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